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Disposal Installation (Standard Replacement) 1/2 Horse insinkerator $350 Parts & Labor.

*** Additional's will apply if Hard Wired in & Mileage may apply. ***

$15.00 With any work performed over $100.00 in labor.

** Parts not included **

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Professional Faucet Repair you can Count on

It’s the stuff of nightmares: a dripping kitchen faucet that won’t stop. Luckily, OC Rooterman & Plumbing has the skills and experience needed to put an end to it. Our team is here to offer faucet repair, sink repair, drain cleaning services, leak repair, and anything else you might need to lower your water bill and restore your home to functionality once more. Don’t gamble with your household plumbing – contact the best-in-class team to ensure your plumbing is getting what it needs on time, every time.

Let us Help You With Anaheim, California Faucet Repair

The faucets in your household work hard. Through constant use, being turned on and off all the time, and lots of water pressure, the bits and pieces inside of your faucet come under heavy pressure daily. Because of this, faucet repair is one of the most common needs we serve. Here are a few signs your faucet needs repair:

  • There is dripping or water damage. Sink repair calls often start when a homeowner notices dripping or water damage around the faucet. This is a sign that your water pressure is either too high or that the valves inside your plumbing has malfunctioned.
  • Spitting. If you turn the faucet on and it sprays you, you’ve got a problem. Contact us to get it fixed.
  • Mineral deposits. Mineral deposits are common in household water, but they can do a number on your faucet. Contact us to clean them out and restore your faucet to proper working order.
  • Low water pressure. Nothing but a trickle coming from your faucet? Again, this issue is commonly caused by water pressure or worn-out components inside the plumbing.

Don’t gamble with sink repair, drain cleaning services, or leak repair. Contact OC Rooterman & Plumbing . Located in Anaheim, California, we’re your go-to plumber for a wide assortment of household issues. Give us a call to learn more: (714) 591-6170.

nice compressor

Anytime I need handyman work done at my house I call OC Rooterman! I remember I called him last minute once, and he still came and on that same day! His prices are great, you get great customer service AND the job gets done. I highly recommend this company. Five thumbs up 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

Dropseeds Notbombs

Raul and his son always come and help me out with unclogging pipes (bathroom, kitchen, shower) in my aunts house . Last time they were here helped install a dishwasher and replaced the sink/disposal with a whole new set up. My aunt is happy and I am thankful that I have known him for several years to help me with the plumbing problems I come across in the house!

Jess M

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